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Welcome to Guizhou Jiangkou Jingyuan Spring Tea Co., Ltd.



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  Guizhou Jiangkou Jingyuan Spring Tea Industry Co., Ltd. was established in June 2009 with registered capital of 30 million yuan. Limited company, private enterprise. Built-in institutions "one room, four departments", with a stable team; Luoxiang, Nuxi Town, Jiangkou County, has opened more than 1700 mu of green ecological tea industry demonstration base and sightseeing tea garden. A tea production and processing line with modern science and technology content has been set up, covering an area of more than 10,000; annual output of 100 tons,,annual sales of 31 million yuan; annual capacity of 150 tons; total assets of more than 52.02 million yuan。

  The company always upholds the service tenet of "credit first, customer first",,"scientific and standardized management, high quality and efficient service" and adopts the mode of agricultural industrialization production and management of "company + scientific research + base + cooperative + farmer",which promotes more than 1200 base farmers to prosper together.

  The company specializes in the cultivation, processing and R&D of high-end famous green tea, black tea and white tea.

  Guizhou Jiangkou Jingyuan Spring Tea Industry Co., Ltd。

  Set "planting, production, processing, marketing, scientific research, tea cultural heritage" in one, actively create "Jingyuan Spring" brand, and strive to develop: Jingyuan Spring Bud, Fanjing Cuiya, Fanjing White Tea, Fanjing Black Tea, Fanjing Black Tea, Wild Rattan Tea and other series of products. Its "Pure Garden Spring Bud" won the silver prize of famous tea in Shanghai International Tea Expo in 2012; "Fan Jing Cuiya" won the first prize of the 10th China Tea Cup in 2013; "Fan Jing White Tea" won the 10th China Tea Cup National Famous Tea Quality Prize in 2013; and the 3rd China International Tea Expo in Beijing in 2013; the "Jing Yuan Spring" brand Fan Jingshan emerald and Ruby were awarded simultaneously. In 2014, the third "National Drinking Cup" prize, "Fan Jing Cuiya" and "Fan Jing Mountain White Pearl" won the first prize of the cup in 2015, and in 2016, "Jing Yuan Chun" brand of green tea won the national green food certification. The company has won successively by virtue of its strong strength in tea quality and R&D technology: key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization at provincial level, leading enterprises in poverty alleviation at provincial level, AAA-level credit enterprises in enterprise credit evaluation of Guizhou Province, green ecological enterprises in Guizhou Province, executive director unit of Guizhou Rural Youth Leaders Association, and "integrity unit" of Tongren Consumer Association. ” Wait for honor. Zheng Xiaofeng, the representative of legal person, has also won the honorary titles of the fifth "Star of Entrepreneurship" in Guizhou Province and the first "Star of Entrepreneurship" for Returned Migrant Workers in Guizhou Province. Successful research and development in 2013, "a kind of tea green cooling equipment device" won the State Intellectual Property Office "utility model patent certificate" (patent number: ZL 20132038287), effectively solved the tea green in the cooling of the long-term insoluble problems affecting product quality; in September 2015 declared Guizhou Province "well-known trademark" was successful, and in 2016, 18 other successful research and development of tea packaging design.Patents。

  Guizhou Jiangkou Jingyuan Spring Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

  In the fierce competition of market economy, the company has always created excellent tea quality by pioneering and innovating, honest management, industry-driven, benefiting the people, sharing the worries of the government and giving back to the society. It has won good social reputation and won the support and trust of the vast number of consumers. Its sales network covers both inside and outside the province, and has established long-term stable trade cooperation relations with important customers in more than 30 regions. And is actively seeking and expanding European and American and other international markets。

  The company has always adhered to the strategic goal of "science and technology navigation, sustainable development, market-based, world-oriented", and further cooperated with scientific and technological departments and colleges and universities to take a new step in the comprehensive development and research of tea food, tea supplies, tea drugs, etc., so as to realize the dream of comprehensive utilization and utilization of tea!