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Some Common Knowledge of Tea that Tea Drinkers Don't Know


Some Common Knowledge of Tea that Tea Drinkers Don't Know

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2019/01/30 14:45
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  For those who love tea, tea making, tea tasting and tea meeting are all very enjoyable things. Drinking tea is beneficial to physical and mental health, mental cultivation and inner tranquility. However, there are so many common knowledge about tea drinking that even those who love tea do not necessarily know it. Let's have a look.

  1. Should the first brewing tea be poured out and not drunk?

  Xiaobian has seen many people who like to drink tea like to pour out the water for the first time when making tea, and then make tea again. Some people even pour out the water for the first two times, leaving only the third time to drink. These people generally think that the first time the tea is not clean, the surface of which is not very good, so the first water is poured out. In fact, the truth is not so. The first water of the tea is not harmful to our body, but it also has benefits. The surface of tea contains something called tea saponin, which has antibacterial effect. When the first boiled water is used to make tea, it will melt the tea saponin on the surface of the tea into the water, so that a bubble will appear on the surface of the water. You don't have to pour out the first water.

  2. Drinking strong tea can relieve alcoholism

  It seems that there has been a saying from a long time ago that strong tea has a sobering effect, so many drunken people like to drink strong tea to boost their liquor. But Xiaobian tells us that strong tea does not sober up, which is totally wrong.

  Drinking tea actually has an exciting effect. Sometimes when we drink too much tea in a day, we are prone to insomnia at night, or nervous excitement is difficult to enter a resting state, so if we are drunk, drinking tea is more prone to be in an exciting state.

  3. Tea washing is for tea dust?

  Many people who don't know much about tea think that this step is to clean the dirt and dust on the surface of tea. But the truth is not so. In fact, tea washing is to make the tea moist, soak the tea from the shrinking state to the stretching state, which helps to distribute the fragrance of the tea.

  6. Does remaining tea in the pot help to keep the pot?

  If you have a good teapot in your home, what will you do with every time you drink leftover tea? According to Xiaobian, some people think that leaving the leftover tea in the pot can keep the pot, so they often put the leftover tea in the pot without cleaning. In fact, this is not the right way. Drinking the leftover tea can not stay in the pot, and the leftover tea will deteriorate very much if left in the pot. Not good, and the residue of the material if not cleaned up is harmful to the body, so we must not leave the remaining tea in the teapot in the future oh!

  10. The greener Longjing is, the better?

  I don't know how to judge the quality of tea when you buy West Lake Longjing Tea. Some experts can know the quality by looking at it and smelling it, but some people can't see it at all. There is even a misunderstanding that the good West Lake Longjing Tea must be green, and it needs green crystal clear and even color to be good. Here Xiaobian would like to tell you that this is a wrong method of identification, and how to distinguish the quality of Longjing tea is a learning. West Lake Longjing tea can be divided into super-grade and first-grade to tenth-grade according to its quality. The color of spring tea is generally light green, and the color of soup is also light green, but summer and autumn Longjing tea is different, the color of soup is light green, and the color of soup is more yellow than that of spring tea. Bright.