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Some Common Knowledge of Tea that Tea Drinkers Don't Know
  For those who love tea, tea making, tea tasting and tea meeting are all very enjoyable things. Drinking tea is beneficial to physical and mental health, mental cultivation and inner tranquility. However, there are so many common knowledge about tea drinking that even those who love tea do not necessarily know it. Let's have a look.   1. Should the first brewing tea be poured out and not drunk?   Xiaobian has seen many people who like to drink tea like to pour out the water for the first time when making tea, and then make tea again. Some people even pour out the water for the first two times, leaving only the third time to drink. These people generally think that the first time the tea is not clean, the surface of which is not very good, so the first water is poured out. In fact, the truth is not so. The first water of the tea is not harmful to our body, but it also has benefits. The surface of tea contains something called tea saponin, which has antibacterial effect. When the first boiled water is used to make tea, it will melt the tea saponin on the surface of the tea into the water, so that a bubble will appear on the surface of the water. You don't have to pour out the first water.   2. Drinking strong tea can relieve alcoholism   It seems that there has been a saying from a long time ago that strong tea has a sobering effect, so many drunken people like to drink strong tea to boost their liquor. But Xiaobian tells us that strong tea does not sober up, which is totally wrong.   Drinking tea actually has an exciting effect. Sometimes when we drink too much tea in a day, we are prone to insomnia at night, or nervous excitement is difficult to enter a resting state, so if we are drunk, drinking tea is more prone to be in an exciting state.   3. Tea washing is for tea dust?   Many people who don't know much about tea think that this step is to clean the dirt and dust on the surface of tea. But the truth is not so. In fact, tea washing is to make the tea moist, soak the tea from the shrinking state to the stretching state, which helps to distribute the fragrance of the tea.   6. Does remaining tea in the pot help to keep the pot?   If you have a good teapot in your home, what will you do with every time you drink leftover tea? According to Xiaobian, some people think that leaving the leftover tea in the pot can keep the pot, so they often put the leftover tea in the pot without cleaning. In fact, this is not the right way. Drinking the leftover tea can not stay in the pot, and the leftover tea will deteriorate very much if left in the pot. Not good, and the residue of the material if not cleaned up is harmful to the body, so we must not leave the remaining tea in the teapot in the future oh!   10. The greener Longjing is, the better?   I don't know how to judge the quality of tea when you buy West Lake Longjing Tea. Some experts can know the quality by looking at it and smelling it, but some people can't see it at all. There is even a misunderstanding that the good West Lake Longjing Tea must be green, and it needs green crystal clear and even color to be good. Here Xiaobian would like to tell you that this is a wrong method of identification, and how to distinguish the quality of Longjing tea is a learning. West Lake Longjing tea can be divided into super-grade and first-grade to tenth-grade according to its quality. The color of spring tea is generally light green, and the color of soup is also light green, but summer and autumn Longjing tea is different, the color of soup is light green, and the color of soup is more yellow than that of spring tea. Bright.
Drinking tea in winter has many benefits. There is always one of the seven health-preserving teas that suits you. I believe many people like to drink it.
  Ginger and jujube drives cold tea ingredients: 4 pieces of ginger, 8 grams of red jujube. Practice: Put ginger and jujube together in a casserole, add water to boil, boil red juice instead of tea, and eat jujube. Efficacy: This tea can sweat and relieve the surface, warm and stop vomiting, nourish blood and nourish body fluid. It is suitable for people with exogenous cold, headache, phlegm, stomach cold and vomiting to drink. Drinking taboos: Yin deficiency, internal heat and heat are not suitable for drinking. Reprinted from the author of Baijia: Dreams like years   Suye ginger drives cold tea ingredients: Suye, ginger 3 grams each. Practice: Cut ginger into thin filaments, rinse the leaves with clear water, then put ginger and leaves together in a cup, add appropriate boiling water to brew, cover the cup, soak for half an hour for future generations to drink tea. Efficacy: This tea can dispel the cold and relieve the surface, regulate the Qi in a wide range, dispel the cold and warm the stomach. It is suitable for treating cold, headache, cough, chest and abdomen swelling and other symptoms. Drinking taboos: Febrile diseases and weak breath are not suitable for drinking. Reprinted from the author of Baijia: Dreams like years   Ginseng winter tea tonic ingredients: ginseng slices 5 grams. Practice: Put ginseng slices into tea cups, add appropriate boiling water to brew, cover the cup, soak for half an hour for later generations to drink tea. Efficacy: This tea can greatly invigorate the vital energy, invigorate the spleen and lung, invigorate the body and calm the mind. It is suitable for people with deficiency of spleen and lung qi, such as fatigue, diet reduction and palpitation. Drinking taboos: Empirical evidence, heat syndrome and good Qi are not suitable for drinking. Reprinted from the author of Baijia: Dreams like years   The ingredients of Fagopyrum fargesii tea: Fagopyrum fargesii 15 g, Lily 30 g, ice sugar appropriate amount. Practice: Put the tulip and lily flowers in a casserole and soak them in a proper amount of clear water. Half an hour later, change clean water, boil over high heat, then continue to boil over low heat for a while, extract juice, so repeatedly decoct twice, mix the juice twice, and finally add ice sugar to drink instead of tea. Efficacy: This tea can moisten the lung and relieve cough. It is suitable for patients with cough, bronchitis and asthma in winter. It can relieve cough, dry throat and other symptoms. Drinking taboos: burnt lung and burnt lung are not suitable for drinking. Reprinted from the author of Baijia: Dreams like years   Sapphire black bean tea ingredients: sapphire 10 grams, black bean 100 grams, brown sugar appropriate amount. Practice: Wash black beans with clean water, drain water, then put them in casserole with sapphire, add water to boil, and then remove residue and extract juice after boiling black beans, add brown sugar to flavor and drink instead of tea. Efficacy: This tea can activate blood and tonify kidney, delay aging, and is suitable for people with kidney deficiency and thirst, liver deficiency and dizziness, Yin deficiency and night sweat, amenorrhea, etc. Drinking taboos: people with poor digestive function should not drink. Reprinted from the author of Baijia: Dreams like years   Chuanxiong brown sugar tea ingredients: Chuanxiong 6g, appropriate amount of brown sugar. Practice: Put Ligusticum Chuanxiong into a casserole, add appropriate water, boil over a large fire, then change to a small fire to boil for a while, then add brown sugar to drink instead of tea. Efficacy: This tea can promote blood circulation and promote qi, dispel wind and relieve pain. It is suitable for people with wind-cold headache and blood deficiency headache to drink. Drinking taboos: people with bleeding should not drink. Reprinted from the author of Baijia: Dreams like years   Ingredients for Tiandong Guizhi Tea: Tiandong, Dongyang Ginseng 15 grams, Guizhi 7.5 grams. Practice: Put Sanwei tea materials into casserole, add appropriate amount of water, boil over a large fire, then boil over a small fire for a short time instead of drinking tea. Efficacy: This tea has the effect of invigorating vital energy, warming up the Yang and strengthening the body. It is suitable for people who are afraid of cold, cold limbs and other Yang deficiency and cold. Drinking taboos: Febrile disease and Yin deficiency and Yang Sheng should not be drunk.
Can overnight tea be drunk? How long is overnight tea? Maybe many people don't know. It's worth seeing.
  Presumably everyone knows that Chinese tea culture has a very long history, and many people like to drink tea in their daily life. There are many studies on tea, and there are many ways to drink tea. Presumably everyone has heard that overnight tea is not allowed to drink, so why can't overnight tea be drunk? Maybe many people don't know how long tea is placed. What about overnight tea? Let's get to know it with Xiaobian.   Can overnight tea be drunk? How long does overnight tea last? Maybe many people don't know. It's worth seeing.   In daily life, the nutrients in overnight tea have been lost, and there will be some oxides. These oxides have a certain impact on the body. If you drink overnight tea, it can easily cause diarrhea, and the vitamins in the long-standing inquiries will also be lost, and the protein and sugar in tea will breed many bacteria and viruses. It can cause some damage to our intestinal tract, and when overnight tea enters our body, protein, fat and vitamin binding in food can easily form precipitation, which has a certain impact on the body, but also hinders the absorption and utilization of nutrients, especially in summer, if we drink overnight tea, it can easily cause diarrhea, because the weather is relatively hot, it may be possible that overnight tea can cause diarrhea. Tea will taste bad; so in daily life, friends try not to choose overnight tea.   How long is overnight tea?   Overnight tea, as its name implies, is overnight tea. Many people understand that it is not overnight tea to continue drinking in the morning. In fact, such a recognition is very wrong. Normally, tea is not fresh after 12 hours. Especially in summer, even if the tea is not overnight, the bacteria in a long tea has exceeded the standard. So overnight tea does not refer to overnight tea, as long as it is soaked for more than 12 hours, it can become overnight tea, and try not to drink it in peacetime.   What is the value of overnight tea?   Although overnight tea can not be drunk, overnight tea still has a lot of use value, because the tannic acid and flavonoids in lotus leaf tea have anti-radiation effect, especially when the skin has some abnormal conditions, such as sunburn, we can use overnight tea to gently wipe the injured part, which is not only conducive to the recovery of the skin, but also sterilize and eliminate. The effect of inflammation; and overnight tea for alleviating eye fatigue has a very good effect.
The tea brewed from this kind of tea is golden. It takes more than 500 kilograms of tea.
  Usually I mainly drink some green camellia tea and Tieguanyin. I don't know much about this alpine tea. What's good about this alpine tea? I'd better find a tea shop and ask for a better understanding. Let's go in and have a look.   Frozen Oolong Tea, Black King Kong, Alishan Tea, Pear Tea, Jinxuan Tea, Mountain Tea, Linxi Tea. You see that I came to this ward and found that there are quite a few varieties of them. But how come I didn't see the three words "Alpine Tea"? All you see now are Alpine Tea, because we all have the names of "Mountain Head". Taiwan knows that this side is Alpine Tea, which is in front of us. Where are there tea, refreshments, and alpine tea, you can go there to taste, this is our alpine tea, please ask. OK, the fragrance. Taiwan's Alpine tea mainly refers to Oolong tea, which is a kind of semi-fermented tea. Its appearance is spherical or hemispherical. Only when it is brewed with boiling water of Baidu, can the aroma of tea be better volatilized.   Let's take a look at this alpine tea. Its color is golden and very clear. It smells light fragrance. It has an orchid flavor and a mellow taste. Drinking this throat is a little sweet feeling. The four most representative producing areas of sweet tea are Alishan Alishan Alishan Alishan Tea and Sanlinxi Alpine Tea. In Taiwan, Alpine tea refers to the tea produced between 1,000 and 2,600 meters above sea level. It is called alpine tea. Yunfei first came to the famous Alishan Mountain, where there are tea gardens of alpine tea. It is surprising that in winter there will be such a large area of lush tea gardens on Alishan Mountain in Taiwan. It looks good. Not only the tea gardens are lush, but the tea trees grow well, you see. There are still many people busy picking tea in the tea garden, which is strange. Now it is winter. If in the mainland, tea trees will generally be dormant in winter. Tea harvesting is mainly in spring, summer and autumn. Why is tea still harvested here now?   Collapse is an island climate, it does not sleep in winter, so it can harvest Dongchang, so this is a unique product of Taiwan, you see this is tender, because this color is light, and its tea is soft, it adapts, and its color is black, so this is old, that is not the case, but I think this leaves are all tender. It's very big, because he's big enough to wrap tea. When he picks tea, he needs a big one and a small one. Yes, it's better for him to pick three pages. This hand is still picking with wound bandages? No, I tell you that boys shave and blades are sticking to their hands. We go down to pick tea faster and our hands won't hurt. My mother taught us to do this before. If we don't have blades, we can't earn 500 yuan a day. If we don't have blades, we can't make a good day. Make more than 1,000 yuan. This is your rice bowl. I haven't seen such a gadget in other tea gardens. Tea growers in other places might as well learn from it. I grow Alpine tea for him 12 hectares, more than 30,000 yuan a year.   It's about 7 million NT dollars a fork for spring tea and winter tea. It's 700 to 750 kilograms if we sell it now. Alpine tea is at least more effective than it. It's more than five times less frequent than usual. The growth environment of Alpine Tea is cloudy and humid, which reduces the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, and the temperature difference between day and night is more than 10 degrees. The high content of Theanine and chlorophyll in the alpine tea grown in this environment has enhanced the aroma and sweetness of tea and the taste of regeneration. The local processing technology of Alpine tea in Taiwan is Oolong tea. The output of our good tea is 1.2 million kilograms per year. Good dry tea is available all over the world, even as far as Japan and the United States.   In Nantou County of Taiwan, we found that there are large and small Alpine tea processing factories and hundreds of Nantou County are the main producing areas of Taiwan's famous alpine tea. Lanzhou County has a tea planting area of more than 7600 hectares, with 48% of Taiwan's output accounting for 62%. Alpine tea at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters is not only driving farmers'affluent production and prosperity in the south, but also driving a lot of employment opportunities. There are many names of Alpine Tea, so for consumers, how to choose a good Alpine Tea? Well, if Alpine Tea, you may have to smooth its size and particle from the shape of uniform color first, then brew the tea soup with very bright color, aroma will not have very complex fragrance. Then look at the tea leaves left after soaking. Taiwan's Alpine tea pot has longer leaves, bigger ones, thicker pages and one side. It has the feeling of fluffy. Time goes by, it will also be wider. At low altitude, it has smaller teeth spacing. Then it has smaller leaves. If it is picked by machine, it usually cuts half of the leaves on this side, and at high altitude. It can't be picked by machine.   Taiwanese people have a
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