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Jiangkou County Holds Tea Milling Technical Training


Jiangkou County Holds Tea Milling Technical Training

Company Dynamics
2019/01/30 15:48
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  On the afternoon of April 19, 2018, the Jiangkou Tea Industry Chamber of Commerce and Jiangkou Tea Co-sponsored Tea Milling Technology Training Conference in Jiangkou County in 2018 was held in Xinfan Tea Processing Plant of Hangjiao Village, Bapan Town. More than 40 tea millers participated in the training. Liu Shiming, Standing Deputy Director of Jiangkou County People's Congress, and Lei Guoqiang, Director of Jiangkou County Tea Bureau attended the training activities.

  Tea grinding technology training has the honor of inviting Mr. Cheng Qikun, Chairman of the Academic Committee of the China International Tea Culture Research Association, researcher of the Tea Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, former director of the Chinese Tea Institute, director of the Tea Research Center of Zhejiang University, and Mr. Su Zhongqiang, member of the Tea Machine Professional Committee of the Chinese Tea

  Teachers Cheng and Su explained the knowledge of "knowing and doing well in mocha", the market economic potential of mocha, the cultivation techniques of grinding tea production, the design principles of mocha production line and the key points of installation and debugging, and the processing technology of mocha. The cultivation techniques of grinding tea production were explained in detail from six aspects: selection of tea plantations, selection of varieties, cultivation management, shading by shed, management of fertilizer and water, and food safety. The processing technology of grinding tea was explained in detail from the aspects of processing principle, installation and debugging, operation points, product characteristics, quality appraisal, product storage and transportation, etc.

  Jiangkou County Holds Tea Milling Technical Training

  The trainees expressed that they would benefit greatly from attending the training and listening to the experts'explanations. They must speed up the construction of shed and factory, increase the construction of production and processing talents, strengthen the management and protection of tea gardens, improve the processing quality, improve the economic benefits of enterprises, professional cooperatives and tea farmers, and speed up the construction of Jiangkou Tea Capital in the world.

  Through this training, the team of tea grinding production and construction in our county will know more about the culture and history of tea grinding, understand the basic principles of tea grinding production technology, and enhance the confidence of local tea enterprises in tea grinding production. In the summary speech of the training meeting, Liu Shiming, the standing vice-director of the Jiangkou County People's Congress, expressed sincere thanks to the two masters of tea industry who came from afar for compulsory training. At the same time, he hoped that Jiangkou tea enterprises would accelerate their development under the good background of the development of tea industry, constantly expand the talent team, increase scientific and technological progress and innovation ability, and rely on the market and technology of your tea company to promote the development and transformation of Jiangkou tea industry. I wish tea enterprises more vigorous development, let Fanjing tea fragrance float out of Guizhou and go to the world.

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