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"Jingyuan spring tea industry" will participate in the second autumn quality agricultural products fair in suzhou in 2019
"Jingyuanchun" tea co., LTD., one of the business CARDS representing the characteristic products of guizhou, is on a mission to Europe "Russia".
"Jingyuan Spring Bud" won the silver medal of Shanghai International Tea Expo in 2012
Under the active promotion of the county tea industry office, the "Jingyuan Spring Bud" produced by Guizhou Jiangkou Jingyuan Spring Tea Industry Co., Ltd. was selected by more than 30 experts and scholars from China Tea Industry Association and China Tea Research Institute at the 2012 Shanghai Tea Expo held in late May. It has emerged from 483 green, white, red, yellow, black and green tea categories in various provinces and cities throughout the country and won the prize.“ Chinese Famous Tea is awarded the Silver Prize.
Guizhou Jiangkou Jingyuan Spring Tea Industry Co., Ltd. went to Guiyang to attend Guizhou International Green Tea Expo in 2012
  Guizhou Jiangkou Jingyuan Spring Tea Industry Co., Ltd. went to Guiyang to participate in the 2012 Guizhou International Green Tea Exposition. Accompanied by the leaders of the County Tea Industry Office, Guizhou Jiangkou Jingyuan Spring Tea Industry Co., Ltd. participated in the 2012 China-Guizhou International Green Tea Exposition sponsored by Guizhou Provincial People's Government on July 13. In this exposition, our company participated in the exhibition of "Pure Garden Spring Bud" was affirmed by tea tasters, and won the unanimous praise of experts at home and abroad.
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