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Tea drinking life

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2019/01/30 16:51
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  Living without drinking or smoking, the only hobby is drinking tea. As long as you have free time, you like to make a cup of tea with a glass. Then sit aside and watch the ups and downs of tea in the cup, relaxing the tired body and mind.

  Making tea with glass has a special flavor. Through the transparent cup, you can enjoy more tea. Especially after work, when you are alone in a room, make a cup of tea, and watch the changes in the cup before you, you will find it endless joy. Looking at the steaming haze, like the mist in the Qingming Dynasty, through the vapor rising like smoke, people will unconsciously fall into an endless reverie, an artistic conception of Zen, as if there will be a thick and pale ink-splashing landscape painting, "When I dream of Meishu in the south of the Yangtze River, the night boat blowing flute and rain, into the Yibian Bridge".

  The tea in that cup is unpredictable, tender buds, slow and relaxing. Or just like a sparrow tongue, or a banner (tender leaves) gun (bud tip) staggered, swaying ups and downs, a variety of postures, lifelike. Careful observation, that piece of green buds unexpectedly can see the fine hairy, like a vigorous spring. Lift a cup of tea, fragrant and mellow, taste the tea with bitter taste on the tip of tongue, taste it carefully, and taste it slightly sweet in the aftertaste.

  After drinking tea for a long time and seeing it for a long time, I feel a lot slowly. Life is like tea, and tea is like life.

  A piece of tea looks so small and delicate, so insignificant, but so delicate. When it is put into the cup, once it merges with water, it releases everything of itself, contributes all its essence without reservation, and completes all its value.

  Although there would be no delicious fragrant tea without tea, at this moment, what people appreciate, concern and taste is no longer that piece of tea, but the water in this cup.

  In the vicissitudes of life, everyone is like a piece of tea. Everyone has to contribute his life from birth to death and complete his own life.

  In this process, society will not deliberately pay attention to everyone, just as few people will care about every piece of tea in the cup when drinking tea. Tea will not be helpless because it is not cared about by people, but will remain fragrant in the world; each of us need not be frustrated because it is not cared about by people because we have achieved others, helped society, contributed ourselves and cultivated life. Tea trees have new buds every year, and the tree of life is evergreen.

  In other words, the value of tea lies in its dissolution into water to become tea. What good tea, whether it's Longjing on the side of Xizi Lake or Biluochun on the Dongting Mountain of Taihu Lake, whether it's the "Great Red Garment" on the cliff of Wuyi Mountain or Tieguanyin Anxi City, Fujian Province, if it's not soluble in water, not tasted and drinked by human beings, is of great use to tea? As a person, what's his knowledge, ability and dedication to society? If life is short as a piece of tea, you don't need to pursue the so-called eternity, the pursuit of fame, wealth and wealth in your life. If you spend your whole life for this purpose, is it not the reverse of the end?

  The ancients said, "If you pursue the world with your boundaries, you will die." In my opinion, the most appropriate feeling of tasting tea is the light taste of a cup of tea. Taste is the most delicious and lasting. Everything is excessive but dull, which is the so-called: too much too late, if poverty and leisure, because all the sweet has been tasted, there will be a sense of confusion, will be like a pulp, wine and flesh, even if the present pile of mountain delicacies, will not have any appetite. In the world, fortunes come and go, and the world is full of glory and disgrace. Only by being indifferent can we be quiet and have the deepest, most meticulous, most unique and most valuable taste of life. All this is similar to tea tasting. Tea, only bitter and astringent, can refresh the mind.

  Liu Zhengde of Tang Dynasty once concluded that tea has ten virtues: dispelling depression with tea; dispelling sleeping with tea; nourishing vitality with tea; eliminating sickness with tea; benefiting courtesy with tea; showing respect with tea; nourishing the body with tea; nourishing the body with tea; nourishing the taste with tea; nourishing the spirit with tea. From this we can see that tea in China is no longer just a drink, it represents a culture, a value orientation, expresses the attitude to emotion and life, and has a deeper spiritual realm. If a person has taste in tea, he will naturally love life, emotion and life. For those who love life, they must have integrity to their personality.

  As Tea Saint Luyu said in the Book of Tea, the person who understands tea must be a person who practises frugality and virtue.