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Can you drink tea with grease on the surface of tea soup?


Can you drink tea with grease on the surface of tea soup?

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2019/01/30 14:48
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  People who don't often drink tea feel terrified when they see a layer of grease floating on the tea soup. Maybe they think that the cup is not washed or the tea is out of date. They don't even want to drink this cup of tea. Actually, you think too much. Today, let me unveil the mystery of this layer of grease for you.

  Tea Krypton at First Eye

  This layer of oil floating on the surface of tea soup is as thin and slippery as silk, and as a mist that distinguishes tea soup from worldly things, it has a very beautiful scientific name - "tea curl", which gives the first image of a bowl of tea.

  Why Tea Krypton Forms

  The formation of tea mat is due to the fact that the fat-soluble substances contained in tea are immersed in water, but they are lighter than water before they float on the surface. The formation of tea curl is mainly related to the following aspects:

  The content of fat-soluble substances in tea

  Since tea is brewed by fat-soluble substances, the fat-soluble substances in tea play a decisive role at that time. The more fat-soluble substances in tea, the more obvious the oil on the surface of tea soup.

  (2) Water temperature

  The higher the water temperature used for tea brewing, the more tea extracts. Therefore, tea brewed in 100 degree boiling water will produce more fat-soluble substances and more oil on the surface of tea soup.

  3. Temperature

  Everyone can clearly feel that the oil layer on the surface of chafing dish is faster than that in summer when eating chafing dish in winter. This is because the temperature difference between inside and outside of the soup noodles is too big, and the oil layer is more likely to appear. This is also the reason for drinking tea. When the temperature is low, it is more likely to appear the tea mat than when the temperature is high.


  If tea is served in purple clay pots or dark tea sets, the teapot may not be visible, but when white porcelain or glass tea sets are used, the teapot becomes more visible after comparison.

  Can the tea curl be the basis for judging whether a tea is good or bad?

  Generally speaking, Chen tea is easier to brew the tea mat, and the tea with the tea mat tastes more mellow and thick, so the dark tea mat is more prominent than the light tea. For example, the tea mat of Pu'er ripe tea is obvious, the tea soup is dark and bright, and the surface oil adds a lot to Pu'er tea soup. But whether there is a tea mat or not can not be used as a basis for whether a tea is good or not. So don't be afraid to drink the greasy tea, as long as your cup is clean, don't doubt the safety of tea.